Renata Solimini (Rome, Italy) and Moan Lisa (North Liberty, Iowa, United States) met through the mail art network in 2014. In the second half of 2015, Renata and Moan began to exchange conversation on a regular basis, and in October 2015, a duo collaboration with “fish,” as a theme was born, initially inspired by a solo show of Renata’s in Rome held in September 2015.
Here you can find details of the process of making collaborative artworks within Feed the Fish project:
At present, they are making collaborative art on canvases using oil, acrylic, spray, collage and inks. Another kind of artworks are handmade interventions painted or drew by Renata on printed canvases with a digital work of Moan Lisa, usually on the theme of women: watch the video about this process.

Their duo works (made with four hands) consist of analog and digital art, asemic writing, and collaborative poetry. Collaborative artworks were shown in Des Moines (Iowa), Grand Rapids (Michigan), and Rome (Italy) between 2016 and 2017.